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The Anthrosphere
by Ed Jonas on Thursday May 06, @11:23AM
Definition: The anthrosphere.is that part of the environment that is made or modified by
humans for use in human activities.
As human technology becomes more evolved, so do the impacts of human activities
on the environment. Some examples of parts of the anthrosphere that interface with the
geosphere, biosphere and hydrosphere are summarized in the above image.
The ultimate goal of environmental science is to minimize the flux of pollutant and/or
toxic substances across the interface between the anthrosphere and other spheres while
maintaining a functional technological society.
Environmental research over the past ~20 years has resulted in a significant
improvement in human understanding of the magnitudes and impacts of material fluxes
leaving the anthrosphere. Many of these fluxes had unpredicted or more-extreme than-
expected consequences. The technology to halt some of these fluxes has also improved
significantly in the past two decades. For instance, this had lead to a number of "end of
pipe" controls on emissions from factories, automobiles, feedlots and even bakeries. End-
of-pipe controls on emissions are often based on complex and/or expensive chemical
transformations, many of which are also energy intensive.
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    A Sustainable Anthrosphere
    by Ed Jonas on Thursday May 06, @01:04PM
    A sustainable anthrospheric range or density then
    is most likely a function of the amount of land and resources
    required to support and sustain a given number of people
    at any given standard and quality of life! The desireable
    goal then would be to achieve a sustainable standard and
    quality of life anthrosphere within the context of the planet
    as a whole.


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    • Towards a Contained Anthrosphere
      by Ed Jonas on Sunday May 09, @06:34PM
      Perhaps the best or most probable way
      to sustain the anthrosphere......
      is to adopt measures to contain
      or limit and manage its exponential

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      • Ways and means
        by Ed Jonas on Monday May 10, @12:53PM
        Living within our means might be explained as follows:
        because the antrhrosphere tends to be mainly dependent
        upon the biosphere, the anthrosphere has to live within the
        constraints of the biosphere or suffer the resulting deterioration
        in environment etc.
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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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