Science Fiction for the Crypto Age

I've leveraged what I learned as a futurist to write Stealing Worlds, a near-future "pre-apocalyptic" adventure novel. It'll be published on June 18, 2019, but you can pre-order it already.


Stealing Worlds

You didn't know you wanted a near-future cyberpunk thriller about economic revolutionaries, surveillance capitalism, augmented-reality live-action role-playing, and burglary?  But of course you do!  That's what Stealing Worlds delivers.  It's less like my previous far-future epics, and instead owes a lot to short stories like "To Hie from Far Cilenia" and "Deodand."  And while it's not out yet, you can already pre-order if you head on over to Amazon.

A New Website for My Foresight Work

Visit to learn about recent and upcoming speaking and consulting engagements. This site is where I coordinate visits and talks; you'll see I've been to some interesting conferences and events lately!

White House 2014

The Hieroglyph anthology certainly had legs.  As well as garnering excellent reviews, it brought a number of authors and the editors to Obama's White House to talk to the Office of Science and Technology Policy about how to engage a new generation of young people to go into the science and engineering professions. 

We also discussed other issues, particularly the future of governance and how to manage thorny issues such as climate change.  My own story in the anthology, "Degrees of Freedom," is all about governance, so I was in my element. 

This is where science fiction and strategic foresight meet for me--in events like this one.  Oddly enough, this is not the first time I've participated in such a hybrid event; much of my history with foresight for the Canadian government and army has involved using my talents as an SF writer to both filter and refine ideas that come from foresight.  I did my Masters thesis on how to employ storytelling methods to communicate foresight findings.

This visit to Washington was the capstone to a season of travels and adventures that took me to San Jose in August (for the Cognitive Computing forum), to UCLA in September (for the Digital Cash conference), and most recently to Phoenix for the World Bank's Evoke project.  I'm now happily settling in at home to work on a new novel, but hopefully this is just a hiatus and I can get out to more speaking gigs soon.

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